Mirror Man Of The Day: Skin Head Punk Shows Off Giant Cock In The Mirror!


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Cocks down this has to be my pic for the Mirror Man of the Day. I know I haven't updated in forever but I had to update so I could post this pic. He's absolutely to die for and what a giant fucking penis.

Nude Old Bearded Bear!


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Wow! What a giant cock! Definitely a fave. Bearded, hairy and a giant cock! What more could one ask for!?

Goth Boy In Nude In The Mirror!


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Pencil penis goth guy shows off his hard-on in the mirror and his bit of chest hair. We also got a nice brief glimpse of his armpit!

Nerdy and Blurry In The Mirror!


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Come on why can't you be a focused camera shot!? And shaved pubes are a debbie downer to me!

Smooth Punky Guy In Underwear!


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What a smooth wonder! I love the underwear and the visible penis head! So hot, oh and the bit of pubes sticking out the top!

Goatee Boy With Extreme Hard-On!


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Now that's a hard-on if I've ever seen one! I particularly love seeing objects in the mirror - like for instance the Suave hairspray and the purple lighter.

Towel Obstruction!


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Dammit you towel! Why do you HAVE to be in the way!?

Semi-Hairy With A Nipple Ring Shirtless Stud!


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While he face is unfortunately obscured by the camera he does look pretty adorable. I love his semi-furry chest but the nipple ring's gotta go. I'm rooting for more chest hair too!

Nude Muscle Stud!


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I'm just wondering what exactly that is in his pubes... While he may be a little dated with the armband and all he does have a tight body to boot. 1 star hat for this one!

Mirror Man of the Day: Nude, Uncut and Smooth


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